Robin Govanlua

Jenna Rogge, DDS
Oak Orchard Health Dental Center in Albion

One of the reasons Dr. Rogge chose to work at Oak Orchard Health is her dedication to improving the health of this community. She learned that early in life. Her father was a dentist and she thought it was a great way to give back and an interesting profession. She is always surprised to hear people say they don’t like going to the dentist. She feels lucky to have had a great example in her Dad.

A graduate of the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where she received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS). She brings with her several years of dental experience working with families including children and seniors. She believes it’s very important to treat patients with respect and empathy while supporting them in making decisions about their health and course of treatment.

When not practicing dentistry, she enjoys cooking with her husband, reading, and spending time with her pets.

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